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Welcome Oregonian readers



if you found me via today’s Oregonian article, welcome to Lost Oregon! Hope you enjoy your stay.

And, if you have old postcards, photos, or memories you’d like to share, please contact me – I’d love to hear from you!

3 replies on “Welcome Oregonian readers”

Just wanted you to know that I read the article in the Oregonian and immediately grabbed my laptop. I have spend quite a pleasant afternoon on your site. My perfect “bygone era” is 1850 to 1930…. I don’t know why. But it may be like you said – a simpler time. I go all gooey over anything that gives a glimpse to what real people did on an average day. I love watching Antiques Roadshow for that very reason. I collect old books, and especially hymnals from late 1800s – each person carried their own with them to church. I’ve found small gems like candy wrappers, grocery lists, old greeting cards, tucked inside. So precious! Anyways… thanks for a great afternoon. I’ll stop by again soon.

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