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Have a bitchin’ summer

Long before Twitter, the web and [really kick-ass!] online campaigns from Travel Oregon, we had brochures, postcards and word of mouth [now called “viral” by the marketing crowd] to get folks to visit our fine state.

Frankly, if I got any of these postcards from friends I’m not sure my first thought would be, “Honey, look in the ‘yellow pages,’ call our ‘travel agent’ and book a hotel! We’re going to Oregon for the summer!”

Though still around and looking good, this early 60s postcard looks more like a army camp kitchen, without the charm:

I’m no tanning expert, but I’m pretty sure in order to get one, pieces of clothing need to be removed:

Woodland Deer Park in Cave Junction, Oregon.

Here’s the postcard blurb [emphasis mine]:

Feeding the tame foreign deer at this famous resort which features buffalo, tiny monkeys and a Mother Gooseland which is animated with the appropriate animals. Aiieeeeeeeeeee……

Regardless, this looks like the cover of a familiar album.

Here’s the Redwood Motel Court in Grants Pass:


Wow, looking pretty good – and even better these days.

Ecola Cottages in Cannon Beach:

No one is in their room – they’re all on their porches, all eyes on the pink-bikini clad diver. Kind of creepy.

Stay here, if you want. Silver Sands in Florence, Oregon.  Some hotels don’t even try. Some staging perhaps? Night shot? Chick in a pink bikini? No? Oh, OK, let’s just run with this then:


Looks like they grew some plants and gave the ol’ broad a paint job. Well done!

8 replies on “Have a bitchin’ summer”

Those remind me of postcards I was sent in the early 80s when I had a second grade project of writing to the local Chambers of Commerce in some of those towns for information about traveling to their area. I guess they didn’t get enough requests like that to go through them at anything faster than a geologic pace.

The Edgecliff rocks! Stayed there lots with my parents in the 70’s and 80’s. It was there I watched Dallas, when Bobby was shot. Anway, spectacular views (you are really close to the ocean,) beach access and the rooms still have all their mid century detail. Not to be confused with the Ritz Carlton, but a great place.

Thanks for the comment, Glen – always love to hear first-hand accounts from folks who experienced Oregon’s history – makes the posts come to life.

I love your site. I am a Oregon history buff, its amazing seeing how much our communities have grown in the last 50 years.

I was surprised to see how old the Silver Sands motel is. I think they should have kept that big sign, good luck getting that approved now a days.

Thanks for sharing,

Funny, we stayed at the Redwoods in Grants Pass a few months ago, and Silver Sands last year, both have been renovated over the years, but the Redwoods has lived a better life, that’s for sure.

As a kid growing up in Salem in the 1960’s, we spent many summer weekends on the coast at the Edgecliff, the Esther Lee, and the D Sands. I can remember laying on the patio fully clothed to warm up. Built on bluffs above the ocean, all these hotels seemed to get blasted by chilly winds, even on the warmest summer days.

Glassed-in pools (like the one used by Miss Little Pink Bikini) were a wonderful respite from skin made raw by wet sand blowing sideways.

Nowadays, we’re smart enough to know if it’s hot inland, and cool on the coast, we’re in for windy beach weather. Back then we didn’t know, or didn’t care as much. The only thing that would dampen my Dad’s spirits is if he couldn’t get his pipeful of Borkham Riff to stay lit.

Oh, and Woodland Deer Park? My Mom still has a photo of me at the park feeding deer (well, duh!) hung in the hallway of their house. Me in a red boiled wool sweater, and that big long deer tongue looping out grabbing a treat from my hand.

Thanks again for all the memory refreshers – you rock!

I was doing some research to see where a collapsible plastic cup came from that I have. It has a Woodland deer park sticker on top. How cool to see your pictures and comments. I’m not sure where I got the cup? Maybe in a box from an auction… I live in Ohio and have never been Oregon. Thanks

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