Oregon Coast – 20 Miracle Miles

Now that Oregon’s summer is slowly [very, very slowly] starting to make its entrance in a few months [anywhere from early June to mid-July if we’re lucky], it’s time to start thinking about trips to the coast – where it’ll undoubtedly be raining the weekend the plans are booked.

That’s OK though. I find places like Seaside, Wheeler and Manzanita way more enjoyable than some of the bigger, well-known coastal regions. I’ll never forget the world’s most amazing junk shop in Wheeler a couple years back – ran in from the rain and stayed until they closed.

But are there really any undiscovered coastal spots left anymore, small towns just off the beaten path or untouched bays and lagoons?

There were most certainly were when this brochure was designed, somewhere in the mid-60s.

The copy is priceless [and as a type and design nerd, I love the choice of fonts and clean design].

Here’s a sample of the copy:

Whether you are a do-nothing relaxer, a charging golfball chaser, a fishing fanatic, or just a plain died-in-the-salty wool beachcomber, Oregon’s 20 Miracle Miles is your kind of country. You won’t want to go home. Ever.

You have the foam-flecked blue Pacific right there in front of your bare, comfortable toes with the luxuriant green of the Coast range at your back to relax against.

Wow. I can’t decide if this is a hack job or Ogilvy-worthy. It’s certainly a product of an era though.

Here’s the logo and type treatment from the front panel:


Boat racing on Devil’s Lake. Total bad-ass and I’m not going to be the one to tell these dudes their boats should have NCC-1701 on the side.

mir3Scene from the Roads End.

mir4The 20 Miracle Miles. Love the hand-drawn type, requisite space-age starbursts and illustrations. Biggest. Woman. On. Towel. Ever.

4 thoughts

  1. I miss those town names. I remember when Wecoma and the rest all got mushed together as “Lincoln City”.

    I think I have a picture of my Mom laying on an Oregon beach in that swimsuit wearing cat-eye sunglasses, but without the china hat. She’s smaller than that lady though, I think she’d only take up a tenth of Fogarty Park.

    Love the artwork. Makes me want to get out my Kohinoor pen set and sketch a bit.

  2. I had my 6th birthday party in 1968 at a Deerland Park near Klamath Falls, Or – similar to the one at Cave Junction. In must have been a fad at the time.

    I also have a picture of my mother on an Oregon beach with cat-eye sunglasses – and she also had the China Hat! I funny how you can follow the fashions with these old postcards.

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. Mary
    I lived in Taft near the brick school and a trailer court.
    then moved to Kernville where my parents ran a motel gas station
    then moved back to Taft where they cleaned rooms and did repairs in a motel
    Have pictures of the towns and beaches back in 1958. Live in Ohio the past 50 years

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