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Hawthorne Bridge from the Waterfront Park

Look a bit closer. Yeah, I thought it was the Hawthorne Bridge when I picked this card up. It’s not. It’s the Carlton Bridge that spans the Kennebec River in Bath, Maine. Looks like a newer, modern bridge was built right next to it at some point. Bummer. Not sure if it’s in use.

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It looks more identical to the Hood River Bridge, with the deck top truss, except the lift span in the post card is deck-top truss, not through-truss like Hood River. And it’s green.


I live in Maine.

There’s a postcard of the Carlton bridge for sale on ebay and dated 1900, so the bridge was 100 years old by the time the state decided it needed replacing.

The lower deck carried trains and the upper deck carried automobiles.

Some time in the last 10 years, it was closed down.

They are dismantling it. Sadly.

More pics here:

I live across the river from Bath and commute across the new bridge every day- while they have dismantled some of the upper section, I believe they’re going to maintain the lower deck for the sake of the railroad.

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