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The Stirrup Room in the Multnomah Hotel

From the back of the postcard:

One of Portland’s finer hotels. Contains 550 rentable rooms as well as many banquet rooms. Also home of the well known Stirrup Room.

Here are some exterior shots of the Stirrup Room and the hotel. If you look closely you can see the cowboys:


Another postcard reveals that the Stirrup Room was “one of the 75 outstanding restaurants in North America” by Holiday magazine.

The colorful room is decorated in the finest traditions of the west, specializing in its famous “chuckwagon lunch” and distinctive hors d’oeuvres.

One table for two had their own pot of coffee! I guess Portlanders have always loved their coffee.

For more information on the wonderful Hotel Multnomah, check out PDX History. Go here for a look at the menu that was served for the Queen of Roumania’s visit in 1926.

8 replies on “The Stirrup Room in the Multnomah Hotel”

I like the new look! I have to admit that I loved the name “Stumptown Confidential,” though! I enjoy your blog tremendously. Thanks for being around, and thanks for the link.

My mother has one of the coffee cups from this place… Looks exactly like the ones sitting on the table in the image above.

My wife has an advertisement from 1963 from when her father stayed at the old Hotel Multnomah, and there was also a restaurant called “Golden Knight”, where “Dinner involves pageantry, superb food, and delightfully constructed waitresses in ballet tights and medieval blouses.”

That must have been a sight to behold…why can’t we have “delightfully constructed waitresses” these days instead of surly servers with attitude?

My father worked at the Multnomah for over 30 years and was its last manger, the Stirrup Room was the lounge and bar, the restaurant was the Golden Knight. Thats what is shown in the picture you have posted on the web. The Golden Knight was one of the finest restaurants of all times the service was perfect and the food was great. When you were seated the ladies at the table were presented with a perfect rose and at the end of the meal the men were offered a gold wrapped cigar. You can find more info and pictures in a book published 1997 to commemorate the opening of the Embassy Suites. It is written by Cait Curtin and published by Binford and Mort.
One more thing, before became The Golden Knight it was the Cafe Baron.

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