Oregon History

Roseburg Travelodge

Now a Holiday Inn, the hotel boasted air conditioning, electric heat, heated pool free coffee and and room phones.

Nothing too spectacular – but it should be noted that it was seven miles to Safariland. Which reminded me of Lion Country Safari in Irvine in Southern California. I remember that place well when I was a kid. You’d basically drive in with your car through areas where wild animals would roam. Visitors were always warned to keep their windows up, and yet…every once in a while some jack-ass would get mauled by a lion because they rolled the window down.

Frankly, I thought it’d been more challenging if they wrapped visitors in steak and had them walk through.

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Hey Man,
My wife is from Irvine, I showed her the Lion Country Safari post and she remembered it well. She said that it was sad when Bubbles died. She said it brought back a lot of memories.

Not much to look at from the front, but directly behind, accessible from the motel, is a nice little park-like space on the bank of the Umpqua River.

Note also Mt. Nebo rising behind to the right in this picture. It is just across the freeway, 1/4 mile away.

A Correction, actually the Travel Lodge is still there I believe, its closest to the Bridge. It may have a different name. The Holiday Inn Express was built much later, maybe around 1995, and it behind the Travel Lodge, a little bit closer to the Umpqua River.

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