Oregon Courthouse Tour

I recently came across a stack of postcards celebrating Oregon courthouses. Postcards for courthouses? Get arrested. Check. Go to trial. Check. Go to courthouse. Check. Buy postcard of said courthouse for relatives. Um, check?

First up is the Tillamook County Courthouse:

“Tillamook, Oregon, trading center of this prosperous dairy land.” Population: one.

Here’s the Josephine County Courthouse, with what looks like the same car as above:

Checking in at No. 3 is the Klamath Falls County Courthouse:

A plethora of ‘Merican-made autos. Hybrid schmybrid.

I saved the best for last:

The “New Marion County Courthouse in Salem.”

Here’s another shot:

In theory, I hate modern crap like this. On the other hand, its bruteness appeals to me somehow. Then again, she didn’t age very well and reminds me too much of the gawdawful Boston City Hall. [I despise the fact that an entire hood was torn down – hence I despise the building.]

3 replies on “Oregon Courthouse Tour”

Of course having a pickup truck driven through the front doors a few years back didn’t do much for the Marion County Court House either. 🙂 🙂

You are right. That last one did not age well. Kinda of sad because I do like modern crap.

I can imagine this now:
“Hey, mommy, look. I made it to jail and I can send lovely postcards of my grand stay!”

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