Welcome to Oregon – Now go home

Talk about a passive-agressive campaign message. This is how the state was being promoted?! The land of lumber and stalled pink cars. Who bought and then sent this postcard?

The back of the postcard says, “Oregon beckons the traveler to relax and enjoy its many scenic options.” Uh huh. Beckon to never come back is more like it.

This really says, Immediate U-turns are encouraged. Or, Make a quick left – Nevada is much nicer anyhow.

We hope you will leave us alone.

Nowadays, things are much different.

6 replies on “Welcome to Oregon – Now go home”

“Come visit us again and again….But for heaven’s sake, don’t come here to live.” – Governor Tom McCall on CBS Evening News interview with Terry Drinkwater – January 1971.


makes you think twice about once upon a time at a famous fork in the road.

that road being, the oregon trail. one fork went to the oregon territory – one fork went to the san francisco bay.

those with gold in their eyes went south – those with visions of family and the good earth went north.

seems those who got their gold now want the oregon earth too.

not hard to see why native oregonians have a problem with wealthy californians.

I had a friend years ago who drove through the coast of Oregon. Apparently she had discovered some relatives there and was eager to trace her roots. Made me want to go there vomit colored pink cars, obnoxious wood and all. Nevada can’t be that much nicer.

An excellent card for its’ time. Basically says, parking for the view is legal, passing on the left is required, and staying out of the way of lightning fast lumber trucks is advisable! Anyone who has ever seen a Rambler wagon could tell you that both pink and red versions looked quite nice. I can’t quite tell what you’ ve got here…maybe an older Ranch Wagon.

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