Cedar Lodge Motel – Medford

“64 units – at your service 24 hrs. a day.”

I never trust people who insist on backing their cars in. Need to leave in a hurry?

If this vans a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’. On the other hand, ass, grass or gas no one rides for free.

The Cedar Lodge is alive and well. Though the sign has been slightly modified, it presumably still offers guests “direct dial phones,” “cable color TV,” and “individual air conditioning.”

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A co-worker’s of my husband’s used to park her car like that every day they clocked out of their job. She’s in her 70s and yes she was always in a hurry to get away from the looney bin that was her job to race home. And, boy, did she race. The minite she’d be through clocking out, she would get in her car and zip right past you in a matter of seconds.

I worked for the state for a while and they required all of their employees to back in as a safety precaution. The idea is that when you pull past the spot and back in you can see anything or anybody that you might hit. Then when you pull away you have an unrestricted view of the area and will have less of a chance of backing over a child or something.

I have practiced this since and back in at work every morning.

Makes sense to me.

Two reasons to back in when parking an older car.
One, like Al mentioned (and every UPS driver you’ll ever see will tell you the same), back INTO a place, drive out of it for safety.

Two, vintage vehicles had less-than-stellar parking brakes. They also had some strange transmission/clutch configurations. Leading to situations where a parked vehicle could roll away pretty easily if the car was facing downhill. Parking ‘backwards’ on the hill could keep this from happening as easily. Check out photos from San Francisco in the 1950’s, all the cars are parked butt-end into the hill, and the wheels turned uphill for added safety.

I believe the Oregon driver’s test had a question regarding this. In short, before backing out you were expected to check behind the car. If you think about this, it becomes an endless loop..each time you get back in you must repeat the procedure and again go back and check. Parking rear end in averts the insanity of the laws whle improving your visibility.

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