Madras 1964

“Located in the booming irrigated farm district on US Highway 97.”

The prerequisite drugstore, bakery, cafe and gas station.

The Shangrila!

From the postcard, dated October 3, 1964:


We arrived at 8:00 or shortly after. Stayed at City Center Motel. Ate next door. Excellent. Beautiful day today. P.G.E. car next to my unit left last night. Refill with necassary vitamins, then on our way. Next card, next station.

This has GOT to be some top secret CIA code work. If not? Its banality is admirable!

3 replies on “Madras 1964”

my parents are top notch for postcards and now emails with such little info it makes me cringe. one year when they were in Romania, we got an email with the following:
Hey kids,
All is well, we’re here. We had dinner last night at a restaurant and then walked through a park. The trees were big. Home soon. Love Mom

“The trees were big.”

Love the old neon signs! Why is our country dumb enough to phase them out in honor of “saving energy”? As if the million other things we do to trash the planet is “energy saving”.

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