Beer and history for the win

857A1CE0-C2F3-4CBC-9CA0-84FD5C60FFBD.JPGThe historic I. O. O. F. Orient Lodge / P.P.A.A. building at SE 6th and Alder is now the most-excellent Loyal Legion Beer Hall. 

Originally built in 1908 it was described as a “handsome reinforced concrete building.”

From the Loyal Legion’s website:

The P.P.A.A. building was an architectural “unauthorized copy” of the Voysey building in London, England.  The building was originally commissioned by the International Organization Of Oddfellows (I.O.O.F.) and was named the Orient Lodge #17 at its completion. The Lodge was used as the I.O.O.F. meeting hall through the first half of the 1900s.  Some of the most advanced building techniques of the day were used at its construction such as a complete steel-reinforced concrete structure which was unheard of on the East side of the river at the time.

It’s a great place to grab a beer and burger and soak up some local history if you’re ever in Portland.

Rendering from 1908 (Oregonian).

One thought

  1. In the early 1970’s I worked at the Office Supply Co. which took up the entire first floor of the NW corner of this building. The new owner of the business was trying to bring the stagnant old store into the 20th century.

    When I started it still had a front counter and everything customers wanted was fetched by the counter help (me), and this often required climbing old fashioned rolling ladders to get stuff off the top shelves. I spent about a year there helping to turn it into a self-service retail store.

    We also had a print shop in the back directly under the PPAA’s kitchen. One time they had a Crab Feed and tried to flush all the shells and offal through the garbage disposal which jammed, of course….. what a stink that turned into.

    The owner was Dominic Cordi and he was a tough nut to work for….. later he ran for mayor in the 80’s.

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