That other gritty 1989 movie shot in Portland

I remember seeing a poster or an ad that featured Burt Reynolds lounging in his bachelor pad at the Portland Plaza building from a movie still a few years back and then forgot about it.

Wait, Burt Reynolds shot a film in Portland? Indeed he did. It’s called “Breaking In.” I’m ashamed I’ve never heard of it. (Or ammmmm I?)

This 1989 American crime comedy film was directed by Bill Forsyth, written by John Sayles (!?!!), and stars Burt Reynolds, Casey Siemaszko, and Lorraine Toussaint. The film is about professional small-time criminals.

Their big heist in the film? Oaks Amusement Park. Yep. Big-time money to be had at the park. In fact, there’s a scene where Reynolds and Siemaszko are scoping the place out and watching security guards load BAGS of money from the day’s profits. (Who knew?) This also means there’s lots of great shots of the park.

Anyhow, the film is OK. Not great, moderately watchable. Of course, I loved it for all of the Portland scenes and I’ve screen capped a couple (mostly from Oaks Park – which is one of my personal favorite places in Portland).











Watch the film here:


6 thoughts on “That other gritty 1989 movie shot in Portland

  1. I remember “Breaking In” mainly because a friend of mine, Arlene Kelly (wife of Neil Kelly of Kelly Construction, Inc.) looked down the hall from their Portland Plaza condo to see what all the commotion was about, while filming was going on. They left her in the movie.

  2. Hey Charlie…when you’re town’s facade has changed dramatically it’s fun to watch the old facade, regardless of how many other fun things there are to do.

  3. I still think this is Burt Reynold’s best movie. It’s not as good as Forsyth’s Local Hero, more comparable to his Scottish local color film Comfort and Joy. It captures 1989 Portland in a wry snapshot by an outsider.

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