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Sign of the times

Portland Penny Diner’s new signage wins Sign of the Year, hands down!

From the restaurant’s website:

In 1845 Frances Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy determined the city of Portland’s name with the flip of a coin. And we like to think that after the toss they walked into their favorite diner, or as they called them in that time “lunch wagons,” for a celebratory bite to eat. The Portland Penny Diner embraces that spirit, brings people in from the rain and artfully combines the culinary traditions of Northwest immigrants and natives.

2 replies on “Sign of the times”

When I hit the map button the map showed me a location near the Sacramento River in sunny (sometimes) Sacramento. When I hit 410 Broadway Portland, I get a 360 degree view of a quiet Portland spot with nothing to see save for a lamppost. I notice that because in the ’70s I was one of a crew of handsome young men who painted all of these.

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