Portland Penny Diner’s new signage wins Sign of the Year, hands down!

From the restaurant’s website:

In 1845 Frances Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy determined the city of Portland’s name with the flip of a coin. And we like to think that after the toss they walked into their favorite diner, or as they called them in that time “lunch wagons,” for a celebratory bite to eat. The Portland Penny Diner embraces that spirit, brings people in from the rain and artfully combines the culinary traditions of Northwest immigrants and natives.

Sign of the times

2 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. When I hit the map button the map showed me a location near the Sacramento River in sunny (sometimes) Sacramento. When I hit 410 Broadway Portland, I get a 360 degree view of a quiet Portland spot with nothing to see save for a lamppost. I notice that because in the ’70s I was one of a crew of handsome young men who painted all of these.

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