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Photo of the week: Victorians on Broadway

Photo courtesy Salem Public Library.


Originally located at 1521 and 1527 SW Broadway near Columbia Street and shot in 1962, it appears these two old grand buildings had little time left on this earth. Long gone.

4 replies on “Photo of the week: Victorians on Broadway”

As a kid we lived in a similar house and I felt ashamed. I thought only poor people lived in those old houses. The well-to-do had nice modern homes. Ours had the bathroom added at a later date in a room constructed on the back porch. The old oaken toilet had the tank high so the water could flow freely down and the tub was lead painted with (no doubt lead based) white paint that flaked off leaving dark stains on our tender bodies. No wonder we all have brain damage today. But we do have lots of memories.

Wow, and twins too. How sad they are gone. So tough for things to get past that “too old” mark and get to the “historic” point where people begin to feel they are worth saving.

As a teenager In the mid-50’s and early-60’s there was the practice of cruising the 6th ave-Broadway loop (in the fashion of American Graffiti) in either friends’ parents long-finned and chrome-laden land yachts, or in my case, a series of broken down heaps like a 51 Ford Victoria hardtop (it finally died from a cracked block) and 54 Chev (2-tone baby blue & white) which suffered a seizure on Broadway and was towed (unceremoniously) to its final junkyard resting place.

No amount of rolling up our white T-shirts (to display our casually flexed biceps) or any of our other young lions’ pathetic attempts to attract the young lionesses, riding in those classic Olds or Buick’s in the lanes next to ours, ever led to any result other than hoping that the fuel gauge was wrong, and that we actually had enough fumes to make it back Milwaukie.

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