Re-birth of the Eugene Fifth Street Market, again

Call it what you will, a retrofit, renovation, re-do. We like to call it “re-birth,” or the taking of an existing structure and repurposing it a usable space or place.

One good example is Eugene’s Fifth Street Public Market.

What was once a poultry plant built in 1929, it re-morphed into the current-day vibrant market for artisans, foodies and retailers in 1976 – and gets 1.4 million visitors a year.

The next phase for the space, which continues to grow, is the addition of the Inn at the 5th, a boutique hotel that opened last month that connects to the past by:

incorporating elements of the past throughout the hotel, including mantles made using wood from the original Nike Store. Bedside tables and a signature lobby coffee table were handcrafted from the trunk of the stately maple tree that once grew on the site.

Here’s a photo set of pics from the previous decades (no, those aren’t Instagram retro filters) that illustrate how the space has changed through the years:


One thought on “Re-birth of the Eugene Fifth Street Market, again

  1. French bakery here was so good when we lived I. Springfield.
    Back to Portland restaurant. – Bergson Chalet in NW., Old Town Crier, nendels, Redmonds On The Hill,.

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