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Basement bar history lesson

Come hang out with the Kick Ass Oregon gang and artist Jim Hill as they discuss Danford Balch, the first man executed in the state of Oregon back in 1859, at the newly christened Jack London Bar.

The Jack London Bar, located beneath the Rialto, is self-described as a remodeled old betting parlor that has become a dimly lit lounge with comfortable couches, swanky cocktails and supper club entertainment.

Sounds like our kind of place. In fact, it looks like they’re going to be presenting weekly history talks, Stumptown Stories: History and legends of Portland, every Tuesday night. History and bourbon. Partners. For life.

The date is Tuesday 6/28 at 7:30, 529 SW Fourth.

Did we mention the mortician playing the saw and live sketching?


One reply on “Basement bar history lesson”

I would like to come. I used to work at O’Connor’s when it was where the Rialto is. The idea of the Jack London becoming a swanky bar is hard to grasp having known it from the old days.

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