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Colonial Heights United Presbyterian Church, 1970s

Blogging is like writing on the back of the postcard – sometimes it’s easy to spill out a couple sentences about your trip, slap a stamp and send it off [at least it used to be – now the kids update Facebook or Twitter, right?]. Other times, it’s hard to eek out a couple of words about anything interesting.

And lately, that interest level has waned a bit around these parts.

Thankfully, the above postcard [2828 SE Stephens, Portland]  inspired some kid [assuming by the penmanship] in the 70s to crank out the following [postcards only offer so many characters, er, space to get out your thoughts]:

Dear Sue,
Yesterday night I had a girlfriend over night. We rode bikes to the park and walked to the park. There is a duck pond at the park and people can feed the ducks. So sometimes we take bread over.
Please write again.
Love, xxxx

Maybe it’s my lingering jet lag, but is that simply beautiful or what?

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