The Clock – what era?

A reader of Lost Oregon sent the following to me. Any clue to where this once stood or if in fact it was ever built?

I just purchased this very cool neon sign design proposal / rendering [see above] at Hawthorne Vintage and am trying to find out more information about the building / business itself. It was found last fall at the estate sale of Anne Boyd, whose longtime companion Robert Darnielle owned a place called “Darnielle’s Supper Club” in the 70’s (can’t find any info. about this place either). Word is The Clock actually existed at some time in close-in NW, but I have been unable to locate anything about it.

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  1. I believe The Clock was off of Russell Street and Williams. If I remember right it’s the building that has the Truck front on it now. I don’t know when it changed, but I would have last seen it in the late 80’s.

    It seems that Darnielle’s Supper Club was in in the building where the East Bank is now on Broadway. Again, if I remember right, it was a Jazz club that closed in the 60’s and played host to many of the Jazz Greats. I think I read that in a book about Portland’s Jazz scene.

    Hopefully my memory isn’t as bad as I think it is and this is actually useful!

    1. Hi Rick – thank you so much for the comment and history of The Clock. Just for the record, your memory is wayyyy better than mine! 😉

  2. I checked my 1974 phonebook and found that Darnielle’s Supper Club was located NW 24th and Vaughn, the Clock was not listed. I hope this helps!

  3. Super painting–I love it. I might be inspired to paint one like it myself. You made a very good acquisition. What is so good about it is its unusual perspective, which seems primitive. But the atmosphere is sophisticated. I don’t remember this establishment, unfortunately.

  4. Following up on Sputnikmoss’ great use of the phone book we broke out two of ours and found that in both the 1959 & 1963 phone book The Clock was listed at 1949 NW 24th.

    No mention of Darnielle’s that early though.

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