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As part of Oregon’s 150th birthday celebration, The Architectural Heritage Center is asking for people to send a list of their 10 favorite Portland buildings. Whether it’s the “biggest Portland’s skyscraper or a favorite house in your neighborhood, old or new, we want to know which buildings you like most,” says their web site.

E-mail your list by February 1st to Education Manager Val Ballestrem [Val Ballestrem at] or mail it to the AHC c/o 10 Favorites: 701 SE Grand Avenue, Portland, 97214.  They’ll  share the results on their website starting February 14.

I’ll be posting a few of my own faves in the next couple of weeks, starting with this post and with Hotel Nortonia and Grill.

Now known as the Mark Spencer Hotel, the hotel featured American and European plans, private dining rooms and rooms from $1.25.

Check out the wonderful history page here to get all the details about how the hotel changed its name.

The postcard I have [scanned above] is postmarked November 23, 1935 with yet another cryptic message:

Dear Marion,

Have taken care of everything in Portland. Hope you are doing the same in San Jose. On to Seattle in the a.m.

Be good.


Strange, I thought the use of Deb was more modern than ’35. And I’m not sure I want to know what Deb “took care of” during her visit here.

Anyhow, I chose this wonderful gem of a building as part of my top 10 because of its simplicity, elegance and the fact that it’s retained its character since it opened in 1907.

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