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Lost Oregon Video

So, I’m doing a bit of an experiment with my new Ultra Flip video camera. I’m shooting and editing small films [nothing more than 120 seconds] of mid-century, historical and not-yet forgotten buildings and sites around the Portland metro area.

I might even work up to doing interviews and – gasp- edit them into the footage.

But first I have to buy a tripod.

Yeah, I know. It’s shaky, amateur and not edited very smoothly but I figured if I don’t get something up – even if it’s a bit suck, I never will.

You’ve been warned.

So, the Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie. Amazing signage [duh] and architecture for a building that’s still very much in use. And everyone loves bowling: seniors, families, and hipsters [many who might be actually bowling non-ironically]. The day we were there [9:30 on a Sunday morning!] the place had a decent crowd and two – three tops – beers on tap: Michelob, Miller Lite and something else.

If I remember correctly, I had friends back in the day who wore bowling shoes – in daylight and in public. I think they were going for the punk/mod aesthetic. Pfttt. They wish. The old dude bowling his ass off on a Sunday morning then going our for a smoke break every 10 minutes is way more punk rock then they ever were.

6 replies on “Lost Oregon Video”

Excellent! Particularly enjoyed the interior shots — I’ve driven by Kellogg Bowl many a time, but I’ve never been inside. After seeing this video, that’s going to change. That whole Kellogg Creek area intrigues me — don’t know why. Wish I knew more history of that area.

yo john,

long live kellogg bowl! very cool……i used to wear bowling shoes when i was in community college along with my descendents t-shirt, day-glo jacket (screw leather), wacked-out haircut, …i knew i couldn’t have been the only one. never a good thing when the jocks wanted to beat my ass for the way i looked (and i weighed a buck 20 soaking wet). ah…the good ol’ days!

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