Summer is here. Turns out my kid is a bit older now and likes to travel and camp. This certainly opens up the doors for some exploring. And, being a fairly new resident to Oregon, the whole state is one kick-ass and vast area to explore.

One writer I’ve been enjoying is Ralph Friedman. His works include Tracking Down Oregon and Oregon for the Curious. His books – written during the 1970s – delve into small town history and lore. My hunch is that these landmarks are now surely long lost and gone. Regardless, pick these two books up – they’re at most local used bookstores.

A more updated entry on the scene is a fantastic site that I recently linked to – The Real Oregon. It’s inspiring to read; get ideas on places to visit; and learn some history of the state.

Anyhow, after our long weekend trip to the Umpqua Lighthouse and the dunes a couple weekends ago, we are itching to do some more daytrips and exploring. We’re heading for the coast for the weekend in July, but I’m also looking for some low-stress, daytrips I want to hit up this summer.

The catch is to be back home before dinner, stay sort of in the Portland Metro/Willamette Valley area and not bore my toddler to tears:

  • Aurora. I’m intrigued by its history
  • Estacada. Yeah. I know. But, I’ve heard good things about a brewpub there. Brewpubs are totally kid-friendly, right? Right?
  • Portland parks. Got a taste of how vast and wonderful Forest Park is a couple weeks back. Hiking is definitely on the hot list.
  • Canby Ferry. My kid would love it.
  • The Oregon Garden in Silverton.
  • Mount Angel. Octoberfest might be an overload but want to check it out before then.
  • Berry picking.

Any other ideas?

[By the way, the above image is Lakewood Village in Lincoln City. It’s long gone.]

One reply on “Wanderlust”

“Brewpubs are totally kid-friendly, right? Right?”

LOL! Not unless your kid plans on drinking at a kid-friendly age. Not a good idea. He/she might show the other kids how to do the same thing and parents then will get on your ass. I wouldn’t want some of those folks on my ass. Just a thought.

The two books you mentioned sound interesting. One of these days I am going to check them out and make a trip out of it to Portland.

Several years ago a friend of mine drove up the coast of Oregon. She had a whole family tree to track down and meet which is why she went. If you have family that you don’t know about, that might be a great idea.

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