Modern in Reedsport

Spent the weekend relaxing, drinking cold beer and eating BBQ in a yurt near Winchester Bay. It’s summer and it’s time to explore this great state of ours. And the stop at Tomasellis in Elkton on the way back to Portland was almost worth the entire drive, both ways. It’s on our list of places to visit every year.

Anyhow, went into Reedsport to buy some food at the local Safeway and took the following photos of it and the surrounding stores. From the size of the Safeway [small aisles and cramped shelves] this hasn’t been remodeled since it was built – I’d say early 60s? Anyone?

3 replies on “Modern in Reedsport”

I was born in Reedsport in 1969, and these picture are exactly how I remember it back then as a kid, I would say that nothing has changed! Do they still have a McKays across the street? Thank you for the flashbacks!

Awesome shopping center. You say sixties I might extend it to late fifties. Very groovy modernistic look. I’ve never seen an entire shopping center with that look.

Yep, McKay’s market is still there. In a building that’s more modern (but I would not call it “new”) than the Safeway.

By the way, the shopping center where Safeway is is called the “Umpqua Shopping Center”.

The McKay’s across the street is built on the former site of the Reedsport Union High School. The high school moved “uptown” in the late 60s, I think. If you can find a postcard with the old high school, you’ll see a very nice and stately building, a great piece of former architecture that is no more.

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