Swingin’ Medford

Possibly one of my favorite street scenes on an Oregon card. Medford’s State Street looks like its hopping.

Penney’s and Mann’s.

Hammond Organ dealer.

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This is a actually Central Street, not north. The Pennys building at the left was purchased by the Southern Oregon Historical Society some years ago. It is still owned by them, and houses their research library as well as a children’s exploration center.

Hotel Jackson here (sign over road center) was a long established stop on Interstate 99. This card should pre-date the full opening of I-5, which did as much damage to Southern Oregon towns as the 1927 re-routing of Southern Pacific passenger trains over the new Cascade Line (and off the Siskyou Line) on the Shasta Route. These downtown areas were essentially destroyed when they were by-passed. (Anyone know if the Mann’s sign is actually separate from the furniture store sign…looks like a theatre is just beyond.)

Mann’s was a Department Store at the corner of Main and Central… this large sign was on the building and the bottom blade, below the pylon, says “Department Store” (not furniture).

The Craterian Theatre is located further south on the same side of Central, past Main Street. Their marquee was removed but has been partially recreated now (its a performing arts center).

The Jackson Hotel, previously known as the Terminal Hotel, was razed right around the time I-5 opened, possibly a little earlier. That site is now a public parking lot.

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