Three from Eugene

The extremely pink Travel Lodge. Telephone: DIamond 2-1109.

No attempts to make the place look nice, either. Did the photographer rent cars from a local junkyard?

Artist’s rendering of the new Holiday Inn on Coburg, with the Lion’s Den meeting room.

The Valley River Shopping Center, “Oregon’s largest regional center with a ‘climate-controlled’ mall.”

6 replies on “Three from Eugene”

Good old Valley River Center. In that picture it looks just like it did in the 80’s. We used to go there specifically for “dough cones,” from the cookie store by Meier & Frank. They consisted of a scoop of chocolate-chip cookie dough atop a cone.

Don’t be so hard on the photographer of the pink TraveLodge. Those were new cars and trucks in 1959 or so. The picture was shot in black and white and then the colors assigned. After doing the pink building, the colorist assigned dull colors to the autos. They weren’t really that color. They might have been shiny new red or blue cars and trucks!

Interesting tidbt about Doug’s info which would explain a lot.

I just thought pink must have been the “in” color for the motels.

Huhhhh! The colors of the cars are true to reality. Each car is straight with fresh chrome and whitewalls are clean where present. There is probably very little artistic interpretation here. It’s not 1900, they had a thing called Kodacolor by this point! The printing of that card was coded right to the actual car colors.

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