PDX’s mid-90s yellow bikeshare program

Remember that one time back in the mid-90s when Portland had Yellow bikes that anyone could ride? I thought I saw one recently.

And, here’s an update and more history on the program.

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  1. So charming, in its relentlessly naïve way. I think those bikes lasted about two weeks before I never saw another one. Or did they actually try it twice? Memory fails.

    I wish you’d shot a photo!

  2. I volunteered during the second iteration of YB. I had a wonderful time, and met great people and had fun times. It was not sustainable. It had all sorts of weird issues. It was a LOT of fun. At the end of the program, the Community Cycling Center, our fiscal sponsor, yanked all support and resources. I was annoyed at the time, but realize YB was an annoying distraction from the real work. Kind of like a buffoon uncle at a family reunion..
    YB should not be the model for anything. Except fun.

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