Meet Milwaukie Manor

This doesn’t happen often enough around here: grand old home for sale, on a big lot, needs repair, someone buys it, then restores it. (You know the other side of that story. (Cough demolition cough). 

A couple of years back the Skulason House in Milwaukie, Ore., (a wonderful Dutch Colonial Revival built in 1913) went up for sale. Sitting near the Providence Milwaukie Hospital, things didn’t look good. 

When it was originally built, The Oregonian reported “Among the most attractive and pretentious homes to rise in Portland’s suburbs has just been completed in Milwaukie. The house is a striking empire style of architecture.” ⁣⁣
It cost $12,000 to build. ⁣⁣

When it went up for sale a few years back the listing had the words many preservationists fear: “opportunity to develop the land.” Enter the new owners:  the Bernards family, who had a different, better idea and a vision.

Owners of the Interior Design Firm, Studio MacLeod with close ties to MacLeod Construction, they focus on historical restorations in Portland and Milwaukie. After purchasing the home and property, the husband and wife team quickly got to work on their dream of restoring the historical home, room by room. Renaming the property to Milwaukie Manor with a top to bottom, interior and exterior complete revamp of the property, the new owners also plan on making the exterior space into an event space for weddings, music, events, and parties.

This personal restoration project will be one that they say will be room by room, top to bottom, and interior and exterior complete revamp of this unique property.

Look for updates on their Instagram page. And if you have any information on the Skulason House, post it in the comments. 

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