Serve on Milwaukie’s historic city hall committee

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Milwaukie City Hall was built by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, between 1937 and 1938.  

Help write Milwaukie City Hall’s next chapter. With plans in place to move city services to another building in a few years, the city is looking for volunteers to serve on a committee that will help determine how the current City Hall should be used in the future. Restaurant? Brewpub? Affordable housing?

The current Milwaukie City Hall has served the community since 1937. Now, as the city plans to move to a newer building, City Council is asking for help in deciding how the current city hall site should be used in the future. 

Do you live in Milwaukie? Submit an application to serve on the City Hall Blue Ribbon Committee, a short-duration advisory committee that will include city representatives and community partners.

Committee members will learn about the historic significance of the site, historic preservation laws, operational costs and limitations, and development market conditions. The committee will help create development goals for the site and help structure the public engagement effort with the broader community.

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  1. I loved the library there, left down a hall, down a couple of steps. It was so wonderful. I live in Seattle so not close to volunteer Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone.

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