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Photo of the week: Flora, Oregon

A remarkable photo sent to us of Flora, Ore.

India Littler from anemone antiques and cloudberry studio sent us this remarkable photograph (she discovered it and kindly scanned it for us) of a street scene from Flora, Ore. (Click on the photo for the large view.)


Honestly? We’d never heard of Flora. A quick search revealed that:

Flora is an unincorporated community in Wallowa County, Oregon, United States. It is located about 35 miles north of Enterprise, just off Oregon Route 3, and is considered a ghost town.

Check out this blog post of the town nowadays (well, in 2008). The town also has a  yearly event in June that celebrates old time skills (weaving, spinning, wood cookstove use and more). Sounds cool.

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That’s such a great post- thanks so much for including the cabinet card photo! When I did a quick google search about Flora last week, one of the most frequently-photographed buildings is on Flora’s main street and is shown this old antique photo. These days, the house is falling down, but it’s strange to see it in pristine condition in this old 1916 photo. I also read that Flora was “the most prominent town to fail” in NE Oregon, but I couldn’t find out why.

I think it is a ‘Pioneer Days’ parade as I see the word ‘Pioneer’ on a placard.

My 89 year old hubby has lived here all of his life and we have a copy of this photo and another very similiar probably taken only minutes apart. We believe the covered wagon says LOST PRAIRIE OR BUST 1908….4th of July parade…..Lost Prairie is a community about 6 miles from Flora, and is where we live

Thank you very much for sharing this picture!! My grandmother grew up in Flora in the ’30s and ’40s, and her mother was born and raised there as well. The family owned the mercantile. I haven’t seen this particular photograp before, what a priceless find!

Wow Mike above. I remember when you came out or I talked to you or something for that book! I do not believe I have ever been called lovely. Thank you! The photo is of the 4th of July parade. I think 1904, but Dan (hubby) thinks it is 1910. Cannot find the book where this pix was published. But this picture here is the cleanest version I have seen and I have seen this several times. We own the block that you see in the pix. The Conley House, as it is known, 2nd house in from the left, is in very poor shape but we are still planning on saving it. It actually looks in worse shape than it is. The Clark House, first house on the left corner of the block (left of the Conley) is stablized with a full roof redo but we need to close her up with a few panes of glass. Right now, besides working to restore the school (come help if you can!), we are restoring and remodeling the Curry House on north side of the block (cannot see), the stable for the old hotel on the righthand corner of the block in the pix. We run a B&B out of the Curry
House bht are closed right now due to remodeling. We will open again Memorial Day weekend 2015, As to the decline of the town there are several reasons, butnot enough room right now. Will try to write more in each area above next time but could not get the reply buttons to work tonight! Come visit Flora! We are not all ghosts who live here…

I grew up in the town of flora and went through school their graduating from high school in
1960. my name was Janeita Owen and I married Keith Davis in the late 1960 we moved to
Grants pass in 1962. have found pictures of the town now.

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