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Photo of the Week: Dunkin’ Donuts in Salem, 1965

Cool pic of the first Dunkin’ Donuts built in Salem, Ore.

Photo courtesy Salem Public Library Historic Photo Collection.

The last Dunkin’ Donuts on the West Coast closed in 2008.

5 replies on “Photo of the Week: Dunkin’ Donuts in Salem, 1965”

What is oddest about this for me is that my family moved to Salem in 1988, when I was 9 years old. To me, that doesn’t seem that long ago, and while a few things have changed since then, I still think of Salem as pretty much the same as it was then.

But just in terms of time, that was 25 years ago, and this picture was taken 23 years before that. So Salem of 1965 is closer to Salem of 1988 then it is to Salem of today!

My name is Colleen O’Keefe. I just learned just now that the Dunkin Donuts in Salem, Oregon closed.That is sad.I grew up in Salem,Oregon, and most of my schooling took place in Salem.My family and I would often go to that Dunkin Donuts.If I’m remembering correctly that Dunkin Donuts was just within a few blocks away from South Salem High School.
Wow,a little part of my childhood is now
gone.I now reside in Connecticut,but I’m always happy to say that I lived in Oregon. I used to walk by that Dunkin Donuts all the time.Oregon sure,has some great things when I was a kid.That store being one of them.

I guess they all look the same!
I thought this was the one on Fairgrounds Road.
I worked at Bernie’s Broiler across the street to the south one summer.

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