Photo of the week: New Era, Clackamas

Let’s go way back and way out there: New Era, Clackamas County. Now just a blip on the 99e between Oregon City and Candby, this once thriving town (though you wouldn’t know it from the photo) boasted a spiritual camp and agricultural industry.

Photo courtesy of Historic Images of Oregon.

Any information on New Era from readers?


9 thoughts on “Photo of the week: New Era, Clackamas

  1. my folks inherited a cabin on a lot on a creek in Canby. It boasted a 2 bedroom with an upper lot that bedded at least 6. It was an awesome community in it’s day! Many filtered in from Montana after the major drought of 1915-20,

    1. I will be there! I am a decendant of Jennie Newbury/Dustin, the postmistress of New Era for 50 years. I would love to share whatever information I have and would love to see what others have!

  2. Our family lived in New Era, on the Herman Anthony Farm. What a wonderful place to grow up! Wish I’d known about that talk in 2014 — I’d have gone.

    1. What years were your family there? I have an old girls graduation photo with many girls from the area as well as school photos

      1. Wow, Stephanie, I just happened to come here and see this! My mother, Flora Leonard, moved to New Era with her parents in the late ’20s or early ’30s.

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