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Roy’s Pancake Corral and Chuckwagon

Roy’s Pancake Corral in Baker, Oregon, promised 16 varieties of pancakes served all day and a western style chuckwagon every evening:

The other location, in downtown La Grande, Oregon, served chuckwagon every day and invited hungry Oregonians to “come as you are,” as opposed to come as you were I guess.

Not big on the professional food photography I take it. Or maybe they were going for the stark, unappetizing look.

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Roy and his wife owned and operated this business for years. While he was away at times in the merchant marine to provide for his family his wife would continue to mind the store. They heard rumors how popular buffet’s were becoming with the likes of places like JJ Norths and Kings Table. So they banded together a few buffet tables to give it a try, and quickly turned a modest pancake house to a “we got em lining out the door” type restaurant. Roy and his wife continued in the business for another 30+ years becoming instrumental in the opening and operating of some nearly 40 buffet restaurants scattered throughout the Northwest, mainly in Washington.

That’s not all true I’m the youngest of the Weisenberger after question Try to help with the truth

Yes, can you tell me when Roy’s Chuchwagon in Baker City, Oregon, burned down? I think it was somewhere in the 1970,s. Thank you.

I do remember Roy’s Corral.. When I was a kid, I would come and see my grandparents and they would have to take my mom, 2 sisters, and I there to eat at least once while we were visiting Baker from Alaska… I was there in Baker last fall visiting family.. What I had notice not being there for over 10 years everything had change and most of the stores that I would go to are now gone… What a big shame to see those gone…

I had never known where Roy’s Chuckwagon had started. The first one I had been to was in Burien, Washington in a strip mall. That was the only one I ever remember seeing in the greater Seattle area. Other than that suburban Seattle location, I only remember seeing them in small towns like Port Angeles, WA and Chehalis, WA. I probably last ate at the Chehalis restaurant in the late 1990’s before it closed!

If you’re looking at the postcard picture just go down the old organ highway and look at the mountain you’ll see where if I had bypass highway doesn’t even go there why have bypass I would never even go there

Ask me a question still have nilia Weisenberger mother.
Linda Weisenberger Sister. married Carl bond his family lived in Baker
Roy Jr Weisenberger Brother
Alan P Weisenberger Brother
Bill W Weisenberger Brother
And that leaves me Garth L Weisenberger 59 year old! little brother
Leroy A Weisenberger father
Everybody knew him as Roy Weisenberger
He passed away on 1-27-2000
Have more info? if you ask

Roy’s did not use an R on utensils.
There was another smorgasbord called The Royal Fork I believe that’s your “R”.

Garth- Your Mom and Dad were 2 of the nicest people I have ever known. Roy was one of my very closest friends. A truly honest and fair man who really knew how to consistently put out great food at a very reasonable price. I spent a lot of hours servicing his HVAC and the gas appliances in the restaurants. Roy was always mindful of the cleanliness of the premises and the quality of the food, watching carefully that no food be stored past it’s prime and would sort out that food that was approaching date limits and haul that food to one of the food banks or other charitable institutions. Yes , Roy was a very fine Man!! I was fortunate to have known him!

Thanks for the comments Rod we appreciate it I remember you well and my dad always appreciate your friendship!

My mom worked at Roy’s in Baker, Oregon as a waitress. Her name was Martha and she loved your parents. A wonderful restaurant.

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