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Inn of the Seventh Mountain

On the Road to Mt. Bachelor. This “dramatic resort hotel placed high on rimrock with breathtaking views of the mountain” featured “boldly beautiful rooms” and the “exciting Red Toe Restaurant and Lounge.” It’s still around and updated with a “Northwest design” look and feel.

I’m no architect expert [obviously, if you’ve read previous posts you should know this] but this looks more like:

a. A 1970s-era Soviet/communist “re-education” facility.

b. Something from a 1970s movie that’s set in “the future.”

Either way, double blech.

The type used on the back though? Aces!

One reply on “Inn of the Seventh Mountain”

The place nearly went under in the late 1970’s, so things went from splendid to minimalist during that time.

They used to have a giant chess set in the courtyard area between the condos. Unfortunately, I don’t think there was ever a complete set of pieces, making it impossible to exercise your brain and body at the same time, planning moves and lugging around impossibly heavy wooden rooks and kings.

The restaurant was incredible (still is), but the place always had a very still and sort of abandoned spooky feel to me.

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