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Oregon Hunting and Fishing Guide -1979

I’m not a hunter but I come from a family of duck hunters. When I was younger my older brother and father would religiously wake up very early on Sundays during duck season to go hunt. Sometimes they were successful and other times they’d come home in fowl moods.

I was always impressed with their dedication and would enjoy the yearly feast of duck – dark, greasy meat with a dash of buckshot.

I actually went on a hunting trip with them once and was bored to death. There was lots of sitting around in the camouflaged blind and being very quiet. One time my brother handed me his shotgun to get a feel for it. As the day progressed I started to get comfortable with it. And, since the boredom was excruciating, I thought I’d try the gun out – by shooting it into a large puddle. My brother took the gun back.

Anyhow, the following ads reminded me much of those days, when hunting and fishing seemed simpler before the merchandise gauntlet took over the industry and made it all “extreme.” I mean, c’mon, ESPN competitive fishing? What happened to getting a rod and reel and going to your nearest lake, river or pier and seeing what’s biting?

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Uncle Bobs Custom Cannery was my late grandfather Bob Leitch’s business and later sold to my Mother and Father. He started out in Vancouver Wash. as a bait and tackle business and later moved to Long Beach Wash. to build his custom cannery and smokehouse. It is a wonderful surprise to see this old advertising on this site! Thank you for the great memories!

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