The Chalet – Chemult

The Chalet Restaurant in Chemult offered homemade pies, delicious baked Swiss steak and “Food…the way you like it.” As opposed to food that you do not like.

Here’s the joint these days:

And, it’s for sale!

4 replies on “The Chalet – Chemult”

That reminds me of Heidi’s that was off of hwy 26 going up to Mt. Hood. It’s a A&W or something now, right?

A long long time ago when it was called Heidi’s Chalet
They had a wonderful bakery and they use to make this big cherry danish dessert that was about the size of a medium pizza. It was soooooo good. Does anybody happen to have the recipe for it? Or where I might be able to look for it. I have searched for years on the internet trying to find something close, but no luck.

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