Oregon History

Lost and found

Lost and Found is the occasional post that aggregates Oregon-specific news related to Lost Oregon including buildings, architecture, demolitions, preservation attempts and other anecdotes published elsewhere from Oregon’s roadside.

Rexall on Main in Milwaukie in 1955.

And in 2008:

Lost: Oney’s Restaurant on Highway 26 burned to the ground – and investigators think it’s arson.

Found: The soda fountain in the old Rexall/Perry Pharmacy on Main Street in Milwaukie [which also houses an antique mall] has reopened. Be sure to try their delicious Lime Rickey. According to a placard there, JFK swung by during a 1960 visit.

Lost AND Found: AAAPDX didn’t disappear it merely changed its name to the MCM League and added all kinds of cool stuff to their site. Check out the forums, especially the Historical Archaeology of Portland section where they show off some wicked awesome now and then photo skills. I’ve mentioned this before but will mention again: support these folks. They truly care about the character and history of Portland.