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Anti-Vietnam War/McGovern Rally, 1972

I’ve written about my killer score of finding Portland’s underground newspaper, The Scribe. Here are some photos scanned from the October 12-23, 1972 issue about an anti-war, anti-Nixon, pro-McGovern protest. The turnout wasn’t as high as organizers had wanted or planned. There was a reference to a violent demonstration in May that might have kept some of the protesters away.

“We passed by a beauty school where all the young coiffed beauties’ heads and faces stared curiously down at us. We could smell the hair spray and other gunk down in the streets.”

nam1Give ’em hell, George.

Kent Ford from the Panthers, among others spoke. Buckman Groats, John Groats, John Willems and the Lighthouse Theater group, among others, performed. All went well.

nam2Marching down Broadway.

The crowd was about a block long, with comfortable spaces between people, who walked along easily long, flashing, I’m sure, in and out from the squads of silly police standing or cycling around.

nam3Boilmakers for McGovern. No clue, here. Anyone?

Lots of kids, of course, and white collar office workers on their lunch breaks, well-dressed West Hill matrons and blue collar workers.


nam5Where do starving Portland protesters go after protesting? Food carts, of course!