Oregon History

Oak Grove legend?

I’ve been told a lot of truths and half-truths since moving to the Oak Grove neighborhood four years ago. Most of the stories told to me have eventually been proven correct. Like the one where Tonya Harding used to frequent what is now McQueen’s on Oak Grove Blvd.

Totally believe it. I’ve been to McQueen’s. It’s not a bad place, a little smokey, but the food is decent and it’s a cool little neighborhood hangout.

Anyhow, it took a wikipedia entry to really pique my interest:

Oak Grove owes much of its initial growth to the fact that a street car line went down the middle of the town and the Oregon Trail finished a few miles away in Oregon City. Some of the campfire burns from the wagon trains are still visible on the trees.

Campfire burns from the wagon trains from the Oregon Trail? I don’t believe it.

Anyone care to comment or prove me wrong?