That other gritty 1989 movie shot in Portland

I remember seeing a poster or an ad that featured Burt Reynolds lounging in his bachelor pad at the Portland Plaza building from a movie still a few years back and then forgot about it. Wait, Burt Reynolds shot a film in Portland? Indeed he did. It’s called “Breaking In.” I’m ashamed I’ve never heard […]

Speaking of Portland: A new guide from Herb Lester

Just some quick self promotion here. I helped collaborate with Herb Lester Associates out of London on their brand, spanking new guide/map to Portland. They do exceptional work – and each map from the different cities they’ve covered are designed in a – not really retro- but truly modern style- with a dash from the […]

Sign of the times

Portland Penny Diner’s new signage wins Sign of the Year, hands down! From the restaurant’s website: In 1845 Frances Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy determined the city of Portland’s name with the flip of a coin. And we like to think that after the toss they walked into their favorite diner, or as they called them […]

Lost: Country Bills, Portland, Ore.

A few weeks back, Country Bills in Woodstock was demolished to make way for Gawd-knows-what (mixed-used condos?). My pal managed to capture a couple of pix of ghost signs that were revealed during the demo. What else is there to say? Was the food good? Hardly. But it was more than just a restaurant- it […]

New blog: PDX Then and Now

As if I didn’t have enough to do with Lost Oregon, writing a book and working, I’ve launched another blog, PDX: Then and Now. It’s photo-based and is a collection of photos I’ve been snapping around Portland that compare “now” shots with older photos. Take a look!