New blog: PDX Then and Now

As if I didn’t have enough to do with Lost Oregon, writing a book and working, I’ve launched another blog, PDX: Then and Now. It’s photo-based and is a collection of photos I’ve been snapping around Portland that compare “now” shots with older photos. Take a look!

AHC hard hat tour: Walking through history

The Architectural Heritage Center hosted a “hard hat” tour last Saturday at the Salvation Army building on MLK Blvd. I’ve driven past the building so many times over the years and it’s so a part of the urban landscape of the Grand/MLK Blvd. fabric that I almost knew where it was by memory alone (“the […]

Portland restaurant memories needed

So, I’m writing a book about Portland’s lost restaurants, diners and bars. The book will cover mostly post WW2- Portland, mid-century, 1960s and 1970s. I’d love to speak with you if you have memories of your favorite hangouts – and especially if you worked at a restaurant, lounge or bar. Please send me an email at and […]