Vic Coburn, faith healer

Witness with your own eyes God’s Authentic Healing Power!


KPTV, Sunday, at midnight!

Coburn blew through Portland in August 1974, performing at the Paramount Theater on Broadway.  According to the ad, his Deeper Faith Crusade claims that “thousands have experienced documented physical healings.”

From The Oregon Journal, August 9, 1974.

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  1. john…how dare you make fun of vic coburn! this man is for REAL…because of him i can see! and walk! he performed miracles in my life and just because he has a bad toupee like a car salesman is no reason to doubt his powers! vic sold out the paramount…did your band ever do that?

    1. Although I am no longer part of that Pentecostal world, I played the organ for Vic at several of his Crusades. Vic’s hair was his own .. not a toupee. He was very sincere about what he did, patterning his ministry after that of Oral Roberts and his Healing Crusades. He was a very handsome, kind, and genuine man in the Ministry. I’ve always wondered what became of him.

  2. I was healed of kidney disease at a Vic Coburn crusade when I was 7 years old. They told me I would be on a kidney machine by the time I was 9. That was 35 years ago. I am still as whole as I was that night. You may not like the hair or the “schtick” — but trust me the healer is God and you’d be surprised at what He can do!

  3. I was there at the Vick Colburn meeting in Portland too at age 15, and saw my mom healed of acute spinal rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor said she was going to be in a wheelchair in 1 year. Well, it’s been 38 years later and no more symptoms since then. The calcium deposites on the spine disappeared! And we came from a sceptical background of a certain Baptist varity before we came. Needless to say we switched to a Full-Gospel church that believed and preached what the Bible says about healing. The key is to go where the anointing and the presence of God is- as in the Benny Hinn meetings. I’ve witnessed true healings of ones I knew personally there too- and all they did was attend the meeting, and they were healed while just sitting in their seats- no one touched them, it was a atmosphere of praise and worship and faith- life changing! But, getting back to Vick Colburn’s meeting, I was close to the platform in the audiance and witnessed up close divine healing of a boy with a curled up withered and short arm, Vick prayed once and the arm grew several inches before our eyes to meet the length of the other normal arm. Then he said “let’s pray again for this arm to be made completely whole” -as the arm was still skinny. It filled out before our eyes with new flesh and muscle to match the other arm. Then another older man had visible cancer that covered half the outside of his cheek, and after Vick prayed we saw the cancer leave completely and regular new skin replaced it. Then another healing I remember was a 12 year old boy who was deaf and dumb, and his very first words after being prayed for were; “Jesus I love you”, and his ears were divinely opened also and he could hear. I was also healed of cronic back problems from; sports injury, getting bucked off a horse, and backpacking with too heavy a backpack – I had severe pain and spasms. Well, after being prayed for, I have never had anymore of those back problems again. And I am now 50 years old. Not a back track record for the Love of Jesus shown to me and to a lot of people! There was a pile of canes and a lot of wheel chairs left on the stage that night also- many people healed and walking again!
    Praise God- he loves you too and cares about you, and made you, has a plan for your life. Just ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Saviour, ask for forgivness of sins, and heaven will be your home some day. Get rooted in a Bible based church. After reading many life after death books, including my grandmother being clinically dead, and seeing heaven, loved ones who had gone before her, and Jesus, and coming back to life to tell of it- it really is a blessing to know heaven is real. But I know of people who have been clinically dead and died, and went to hell, but came to life to tell of it- hell is real, and they found out, and were given a second chance- and they took it- it changed their lives completely as they know when they called on Jesus they were brought back from that terrible place, to live a Christian life with Jesus.
    Well God Bless You all. Don’t lose or miss what the blessings the Lord has for you!! 🙂
    P.S. What a divine coincidence, but the next pastor I had, at age 21 in Utah, I found out he told me that he was involved in Vick Colburn’s meetings that I had gone to way back in Portland when I was 15, and he was the guy that was assisting people up the stairs to meet Mr. Colburn and be prayed for. He said only very wonderful things about the man- a true faith healer-just a vehical for God’s power to flow through. The glory goes to God, not to man. Man has no power, he is just the conduit. We called ourselfs “Bapticostals” after that night! (hehe!)

  4. Vic,
    If you ever read this, I would love to talk to you again. I’m in Oceanside, CA. I’m on Facebook and the web… Please look me up!

  5. Gee, with this Vic Colburn guy, why do we even need hospitals… just go to his ” faith crusade” and we can all live forever……

  6. I was at a Vic Coburn crusade in Tacoma circa 1972. He could really dramatize the crucifixion and explain what Jesus did for us in a way I have never heard since.

    Whatever became of Vic? I saw his name listed in the book “All Things Are Possible,” but have not heard anything more about him.

    1. I saw Vic in tbe early 70s. None of these faith healers have ever caused amputated limbs to grow nor a severed spinal cord to reattached. I guess these healings are too complicated for almighty God.

  7. Rev. Coburn had a HUGE run and following at the Assembly of God in Pomona, CA for a few years in the early 1970s. The romance ended abruptly when he got in a dispute with the church leadership over…you guessed it, MONEY. The church ended the relationship with him.

    1. I knew vic and his family well, and yes money and greed got the best of him and he fell hard last I heard he was in southern or. in a survivalist camp packing a ak47 and no money in his pocket.

      1. It would be crazy if Vic really was living in Southeran Oregon which is so close to me. I have been looking for him for about 14 years. I am pretty sure he is my late husband’s biological father. It wasn’t just money he was into those days. He seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.

  8. I would like to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for the kind words of my Father Victor Palmer Coburn.

    Some of you are wandering what happen to Rev. Vic Coburn. I’m sorry to have to inform you that my father died 10 years ago today June 9, 2005 in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    My father was a great man who lived and loved God with all his heart and soul. A troubled man “Yes” but
    only because he was given a gift from God that also became to much too bear at times. But he loved helping everyone.

    God bless to you all!

    1. Vicky, thank you for responding about your Dad. I have tried for years and years to find out something about him. You know that there were years when I knew everything about him, and Chuck and I did everything possible for him. Then it was if he just disappeared from everybody. I don’t believe that there were anyone that loved him more than we did. I would love very much to talk to you. We live in Birmingham, Al; We retired here. Alicia and her family moved here where her husband was practicing head and neck surgery. So many people have attempted to find him thru me, but since I didn’t know, then I couldn’t let them know. I would love to know about your Mom, and your sisters, as well as yourself. I look forward to hear from you,
      Thank you for your kindness

      Annelle Lester
      (205) 637-0149

      1056 Tower Dr
      Birmingham, Al 35214

    2. Dear Vicky,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I tried for years to find him to thank him for his faith and prayers. I thought he was a wonderful man. A man of God. I had the privilege to attend a meeting in Phoenix AZ in 1975 with my mother and grandmother. I was married at the time and had 5 miscarriages. I was told I would never be able to have children. I was prayed for by Vic and told me I would have a son within a year, In December 1975 I had a son who is 41 years old. He is my rock and I will never forget the prayers and blessings from you Dad and the gift from God. I had one son and two daughters. Now I am a grandmother of 10. God is good and sends his healing angels down ..Your Dad was one of them..May he RIP..Love this man.

  9. Oh and for those who think his hair wasn’t real. It really was. He just had a full head of hair.

    1. So sorry to read of Vic’s death. As you might have seen from another post, I played the Organ for Vic back around the late 60s or very early 70s … and I agree that he was a very sincere and genuine man of God. As for the hair .. he had a GREAT head of thick hair, and your Dad was an exceptionally handsome man. People might have thought it was a toupee just because not many men are so blessed to have hair like that. I only met your mom Faye a couple of times when we were all living in Portland, and you must have been a small child back then.

  10. I wish there were some you tubes of his services. As far as Vic being greedy, he only asked $1.00 from each one at his crusade to help with the expenses. Even in 1972, a buck was not a whole lot of money.

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