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Church of Elvis, Portland, 1991

My wife and I were digging through a box of old photos she had collected throughout the years and she mentioned she had a set from a trip she took to Portland in 1991.

Thought I’d share a couple of snaps she took of the Church of Elvis during its second incarnation at 219 SW Ankeny. Click on the photos – it’s worth it for the details:

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I’ve been trying to explain the Church of Elvis to the Spousal Unit for ages. It was nice to have some pictures so I could say, see, these spin, and you push these buttons, and there’s noise, and prizes!

I’m still not sure he gets it.

I visited the Church of Elvis around 1996, I think it was in its last location on Burnside. The lady was giving tours and it was the most bizarre, most hilarious couple of hours of my life.

When I was a teenager, one of my friends had gotten into a fight with her parents, taken the family car, picked me up (we lived near Tacoma, WA) and we went to Portland. Along the way we came upon the Church of Elvis. Surreal, animatronic scenarios,the likeness of Elvis burned into toast, a small apartment full of superglued knicknacks and dioramas: all narrated by a woman with a true performer’s persona. When she heard about my friend taking her parents car, she stopped her tour, and in her most normal voice informed us to “seriously, call your parents, they are probably worried about you.” She continued the tour of the Church of Elvis with her kooky voice and it was a most memorable weekend. I live in Portland now, 14 years later.

Ah, flashback of the early 90’s when I was in Portland for law school. I don’t miss law school but I sure do miss Portland, especially at that time. Thanks for the memories.

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